The Company was delighted to welcome the winner of it’s Royal Navy Cup, Able Seaman Andrew Cartledge (HMS DRAGON) to the Annual Masters & Clerks’ Dinner, held on 9th January 2018. AB Cartledge was accompanied by Lt John Richardson (Principal Warfare Officer) on this occasion.

The citation for the recipient read as follows:

“The Royal Navy Cup first presented in 2005 acknowledges the special contribution made by a members of the Ship’s Company on our affiliated ship, currently HMS DRAGON. The recipient for 2017 is Able Seaman Andrew Cartledge.

With your permission Master I will read extracts from the citation:

Able Seaman Cartledge joined the Royal Navy in December 2014, after a career working in Germany, New Zealand and Thailand as a diving instructor. After completing his training, Andrew joined HMS DRAGON, where has consistently performed far in excess of what would be expected of somebody so new to his job.

Andrew’s biggest assets are his calmness and maturity and his unwavering excellent conduct has been an example for his peers (some of whom are more senior) to follow. On the Bridge, he upholds morale and motivation by regularly explaining to his peers why the Ship and the Navy, have to deliver the allotted programme. His strong mentoring skills amongst a very junior team in the Seamanship branch, is shown by taking the lead with on-watch training without prompting.

Andrew also volunteered to step in on another ship at short notice in order to cover a manpower shortage, a job usually conducted by somebody much more experienced. He received the highest praise from the Ship’s Commanding Officer, and was approached again later in their programme, such was the impression he had made.

Andrew has occasionally had to step up in DRAGON to cover the role of Communications Yeoman, a job fulfilled by a Leading Seaman. This prospect of having to brief senior personnel in a formal and high-paced environment would be daunting for most people of Andrew’s rate, however every time, Andrew has demonstrated his maturity and adaptability to deliver an excellent service to Command. While the Seamanship sub-department was being inspected by staff from Flag Officer Sea Training prior to going to sea, Andrew delivered a sea survival brief, with an exceptionally confident and coherent lecture to the entire Ship’s Company, including the Commanding Officer.

Quite simply, Andrew Cartledge is the strongest Able Seaman in DRAGON, across all departments. A combination of his natural leadership, mentoring, briefing style and composure under pressure make him the best possible upholder of the Royal Navy Core Values at his rate, and means that he has a very bright and successful career in the Royal Navy ahead of him.

Master, Able Seaman Cartledge is an exceptionally worthy recipient of the Royal Navy Cup and I ask you to present it to him together with a tankard and a cheque for £250.”