The Masters Blog


On 19th July 2017 I was the guest of the Worshipful Company of Plumbers & Contractors for the annual City of London Church Walk. It started at St Paul’s and finished at All Hallows by the Tower of London. Our own Parish Church, St Vedast was visited as well as St Stephen Walbrook, known as Wren’s masterpiece. A great day out.


20th July the Mistress and I were at a service in the Chapel of Faith in St Paul’s for the Annual Service of Dedication for the Imperial Society of Knights Batchelor followed by a Reception at the Apothecaries Hall.


On 25th July, together with the Mistress, The Clerk and Angela, Bill & Rose Mahoney, Peter Jordan, the Hon Chaplain Charles and Catherine Taylor and members of 282 led by Flt.Lt. Chris Booty and support staff  We visited our ship HMS Dragon in Portsmouth for an onboard  tour given by Lt Cmdr Stuart Fletcher. Among other places we visited the Ops Room and the Bridge.  The Royal Marines Band School was our next stop  for a very informative and entertaining visit. Part of the original building was a naval prison and the cells make excellent practice rooms. They have removed the locks!


The following evening The Worshipful Company of Distillers had a whisky and gin tasting event which was very convivial.


My next evening event was black tie, with the Clerk, at The Worshipful Company of Founders and their July dinner. The Reception was in a graveyard.


July 3rd and 4th saw myself, the Mistress, the Clerk and Angela as guests of the Royal Marines at HMS Drake, Devonport. Colonel Simon Scott entertained us extremely well with a dinner in the Falklands Room and then the following day was the Presentations at RM Tamar to the top students on the lC1 and LC2 courses. There was an excellent talk of the Chinese situation in the South China Sea, extremely informative. Col Scott expressed his gratitude for our continuing support.


My final event of this blog was a concert at The Gresham Centre to listen to VOCE8 and the final concert of their soprano Emily Dickens. A very talented Acapella group. We Plasterers are very much on the right track by extending our support to these activities at The Gresham Centre.