The Company is currently revising its Associates' Scheme. A letter has been sent to current Associates (see below). Further information will appear on this page in due course.

The Plaisterers’ Livery Company values its links with the industry and with those who provide the training which is essential to developing the craftsmen and women of the future.

The Livery Associate scheme was established over fifteen years ago and as you are all aware, training, the way we communicate, and the industry we work in have changed very significantly since then.

Wishing to maintain the relevance of the Scheme and to ensure we are delivering value to our Associates we are in the process of re-shaping and re-defining the Scheme to make it ‘fit for purpose’ for future years.

Our proposals include:

• Amending the criteria and qualifications needed to become an Associate (this would not affect current Associates)
• Maintaining the letters of accreditation APC (Associate of the Plaisterers’ Company)
• Separating practising plasterers within the Scheme from college lecturers and creating an Associate College status to better promote the centres of excellence in the delivery of plastering training – Associate colleges would be listed on the Livery website
• Establishing a register of ‘on the tools’ plasterers with Associate status on the recently revised Livery website, open to the public as well as members
• We have not continued with the ‘Find a Plasterer’ facility on the new Livery website as this was little used and there are many other web-based facilities now available to help generate work
• A refreshed newsletter to cover both plastering industry and the colleges

We intend through our proposals to invigorate the Scheme and to work to make it relevant to all members. We are now seeking your help to enable us to implement our proposals as soon as possible.

As a valued current Associate we want to check that we have up to date contact information for you and your business or college. Please complete the attached form and return it to us as soon as possible. (THIS HAS BEEN SENT TO ALL ASSOCIATES - IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED THIS LETTER OR THE FORM, PLEASE CONTACT THE CLERK'S OFFICE)

Whilst these changes are being implemented we will not ask you to pay a subscription. If you have been paying by Direct Debit, it will be cancelled. New arrangements will made once the new Scheme commences.