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The Plaisterers' Young Livery Group

The Plaisterers’ Young Livery Group (YLG) is open to all categories of members, Liverymen, Freemen and Apprentices normally aged 45 years and younger.

The YLG provides a powerful forum for mutual support and fellowship, as well as a pathway for early progression within the Company.

YLG members are represented on the Company’s committees and is a base for providing candidates to serve as Stewards. 

YLG Objectives

  • Give younger members relevance, responsibility, purpose and a voice.
  • Augment diversity and inclusiveness and evolve the dynamics of the Company.
  • Embrace philanthropy by providing active support to the Company’s Charitable Trust, organising and taking part in fundraising events.
  • Bring vibrancy, innovation and freshness into the Company and its events.
  • Be a conduit for introducing likeminded young people to the Company.
  • Create networking opportunities with the City of London, our Trade, our Affiliates and Fellow Livery Companies.
  • Be a support mechanism for all new young members to ensure their integration into the Company and their enjoyment of livery life.
  • Lead by example and enhance the reputation and the influence of the Company.

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Keeping Up to Date

  • YLG specific information will be via the LinkedIn group.
  • News, YLG events and information will be driven by the chosen leaders of the Group and the members.
  • All Livery News is available via Social Media, Website, Clerk’s Newsletter and Email.

In setting up the YLG the Worshipful Company of Plaisterers asked for views through the medium of a survey.  The vast majority of Young Liverymen took part and the results can be seen here: Plaisterers YLG Survey 2020

It was gratifying to see that there was a genuine desire to be and remain involved in the future of the Company.  Please have a look at the results and, should you want to be involved, please contact the Clerk who will be very happy to speak with you.