The Master's Charity

The Master’s Charity for 2021/2022 is The Children’s Society.

Each Master designates a personal charity they wish to support during their year in office and the current Master, Margaret Coates, has chosen as her charity for 2021/22 The Children’s Society, which is a charity that has been committed to helping the most vulnerable children in our society for over 135 years.

The Master’s personal contact with the Charity goes back to her childhood when she helped to raise funds and donated toys to the children in the orphanages then run by the Society.

The Master says: “Like me, the Society has changed significantly and now runs services and campaigns for children facing unimaginable difficulties, the like of which we could not conjure up. The work they do transforms children’s lives.

The project for which I seek your support and giving is a challenging one. It is connected to county lines criminality and the organised crime gangs who use their power and position to groom, recruit, and exploit children, often involving high levels of violence. It is challenging because not everyone sees the children as victims, but they are. The Society work directly with actual victims, and with children who are vulnerable to exploitation.

Our partnership with the Society concerns a project, based in the London Borough of Newham, supporting the work of a dedicated Disrupting Exploitation Worker, with a child in the ‘At Risk’ category.  The work itself will empower the parent or the nearest equivalent, to navigate the child protection processes and referrals to ensure the child is protected and safe.

This cause is worthy of our support and I would ask you to donate generously. Throughout my year, I will be making a Call to Alms for this project and The Children’s Society, but why not donate now.”

How to Donate:
By Cheque:
Payable to ‘The Plaisterers Charitable Trust’ and referenced ‘CHILDREN’ on the back and sent to the Clerk’s Office at Plaisterers’ Hall; or

By BACS payable to:
Account Name: The Plaisterers Charitable Trust
Sort Code: 60 05 11
Account: 87314169
Reference: CHILDREN

If you are a tax payer and are willing to complete a Gift Aid Declaration (obtainable from the Clerk’s Office at Plaisterers’ Hall) this will enable the Plaisterers’ Charity to reclaim and enhance your donation to The Children’s Society by a further 25%, which is both tax efficient and very worthwhile.

Thank you for your support.