Traditionally, entitlement to admission to the Freedom of the Company was by Servitude and available to those who, having completed a full five year working apprenticeship, were released from their indentures by the Master Plasterer. Servitude has not been used for a number of years by the Company.

Admissions to the Freedom are now by Patrimony, available to men or women aged 21 or over, whose fathers were already Freemen of the Company at the time of their birth, by Redemption, for those who do not qualify through Patrimony and whose nomination is proposed and seconded by existing members of the Company. The third way is through the Industry where Plasterers may apply to be Freeman. They are interviewed and approved by the Industry Committee before Court reviews the application.   

Having successfully gained the Freedom of the City of London, Freemen of the Company may go on to apply to the Court of Assistants for election as Liverymen.

The Plaisterers’ Company thrives on the diversity and enterprise of its membership. As a modern company we are committed to promoting equality, fairness and respect, and an atmosphere where diversity is recognised and valued. On joining, Freemen and Liverymen are encouraged to actively support the Company and its endeavours whenever possible.

To find out more about how to become a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Plaisterers please read more in our Framework for Membership and Diversity Charter - links below.

If you are interested in Membership or simply want to know more about the Company, contact the Clerk on 020 7796 4333 or by email at

Here's a current Liveryman's summary of the Company, and why he's a member:

"The livery is a historical association. 500 years ago there were no trade unions and groups of trades people (ie Goldsmiths, Butchers, Plasterers) came together to create Guilds to ensure quality within their trade. However, to be in a Livery company in London, you needed to be a Freeman of the City of London (not to be confused with a freemason). As a Freeman you are one of the people who vote for the Lord Mayor of London (not to be confused with the Political appointment of Mayor of London) and historically would have needed to be Freeman and in a Livery to conduct trade in the city.

 The Plaisterers Company received its Royal Charter to exist over 500 years ago and its purpose has changed over time. For example you now don’t need to be a Plasterer or in the trade to be a member. The Company now exists to support charitable causes such as Military, Music and Youth Development, as well as the Plastering trade.

Why do I do it? There's a strong family connection that I'm pleased to continue, and I love the tradition and association with London and its history, and the support for the military is of particular interest for me."

Young Livery Group

About the Group

The Plaisterers’ Young Livery Group (YLG) is open to all categories of members, liverymen, freemen and apprentices normally aged 45 years and younger. The YLG provides a powerful forum for mutual support and fellowship, as well as a pathway for early progression within the Company.

YLG members are represented on the Company’s committees and is a base for providing candidates to serve as Stewards.

How to Join

YLG Membership is open to all members of the Company normally aged 45 years and younger. Members of the Group are encouraged to register and use the LinkedIn group on the website.

Please contact the Clerk’s office if you would like to find out more.

YLG Objectives

Keeping Up to Date

YLG specific information will be via the LinkedIn group. News, YLG events and information will be driven by the chosen leaders of the Group and the members. All Livery News is available via Social Media, Website, Clerk’s Newsletter and Email.

In setting up the YLG the Worshipful Company of Plaisterers asked for views through the medium of a survey. The vast majority of Young Liverymen took part and the results can be seen here:

Plaisterers YLG Survey 2020

It was gratifying to see that there was a genuine desire to be and remain involved in the future of the Company. Please have a look at the results and, should you want to be involved, please contact the Clerk who will be very happy to speak with you.