Revd Simon Springett, our new Honorary Chaplain

19 January 2023


The Plaisterers are delighted to welcome Revd Simon Springett as our new Honorary Chaplain from January 2023.

Simon has been ordained for over 40 years and served 10 years in parish ministry, as a curate and incumbent. This was followed by 20 years as a chaplain in the Royal Navy, including time as the Royal Marines Corps Chaplain, which saw him deploy on operations alongside the Marines, and latterly the Royal Navy Reserve. 

After leaving full time service in the Royal Navy, Simon served as CEO of Aggie Weston's, a Christian service-delivery charity working with the Royal Navy and families, before undertaking spells of full time RNR service, including mobilisation during the Covid lockdowns.

He now lives in Devon with his wife Carol and is heavily involved in a variety of charity work, including using his skills as a qualified ocean sailor to support young people venture off-shore.

Simon’s first duty as our Chaplain was to deliver the grace at our recent Masters and Clerks dinner, which he did with style. 


"Arriving on board the Fleet Amphibious Flagship, HMS ALBION, some years ago I sought to refine some key objectives with my Commanding Officer. He replied – using the common term for a Royal Navy chaplain - that he wanted me simply to “Be the Bish!”. This seemed to give me plenty of scope! 

The role of Chaplain to the Plaisterers - although saying grace at dinners is self-evidently a significant part of the role - seems almost as freely defined. 

At sea I took refuge in the old definition of the chaplain’s role in delivering pastoral and spiritual support as “Friend and Adviser of all on Board” – though always with the qualification that as advisers we helped people to think issues through for themselves. 

If we have not already met, I look forward to meeting you at future events, and if there is ever any way I can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch."