The new Plaisterers Website

30 September 2022


If you are reading this then it is likely that you have noticed a new layout for the Plaisterers Website. Hopefully you like it, but if you are reading this and are a Plaisterer please don’t be shy in coming forward to tell the Clerk how it can be improved further. 

In updating the site we have tried to streamline it, removing the various rabbit holes that existed and allowing members of the public (and our own members) a better view of what the Plaisterers do, and the values we stand for.

You will see there is a Members' Area button on the top right. Presently this area is still under construction, but once built will allow you, as Members, better access to events, other Members' information and articles pertaining to the work the Plaisterers do with our affiliates and other Livery Companies.  

Please enjoy the new site.