Visit to The Sir Gordon Messenger Centre

3 October 2022


Following a very successful visit to the Commando Training Centre by the Master to witness a Recruit Troop passing out parade we were invited to visit the Sir Gordon Messenger Centre (GMC). While not on the programme the hosts very kindly agreed that the few Plaisterers who had joined the Master for the parade were also invited to accompany us to the GMC.

The Centre was opened last year at an event that the then Master, Margaret Coates attended. It is outside the Commando Training Centre which is important as it allows all members of the Corps Family to use the centre without entering a military base. We were hosted by Gaby Wright, the GMC Manager, and Zoe Darnbrough from the Royal Marines Association. Their enthusiasm shone through and it was clear that the donations that the Plaisterers have made both as part of the Plaisterers Queens Jubilee Fund and earlier donations have been very welcome and put to good use. The latest donation has allowed the Centre to purchase outside seating that wraps around the building. As you can see from the picture the seats and tables each have a small Plaisterers plaque. 

Gordon Messenger Centre_plaque

The Corps Family embraces anyone who has had one day of training as a Royal Marine, those serving, veterans and all of their families.  The GMC embraces all members of the family and allows them to use the centre for meetings, family days, children’s clubs, Mother (or Father) and toddler mornings and many other events. After strong advice from the Plaisterers the Master resisted this urge to use the jungle gym! There are private rooms that also allow those who need private space for meetings as well as large open areas that can be utilised for day and evening events. 

The Gordon Messenger Centre is a fantastic facility that enables vital work to take place supporting the Royal Marines and their Family. The Plaisterers are very pleased to be part of it in our own small way.