The end of September was busy with the installation of the new Sheriffs, Alderman Michael Mainelli and Chris Hayward.  The ceremony involved dates back centuries and their dress (see photo with me and the Sheriffs and  Master Chartered Surveyor) is rather bespoke and, maybe old fashioned, but their role is vital to the current Civic City of London. They are ambassadors for the City’s  financial and professional services working closely with the Lord Mayor. They are a great link to the Livery Companies and I have seen them on several occasions over the last month at a variety of events. By attending Livery events they can learn more about the great work of the Livery and tell the Livery more about the City. Both need to know more about each other and this chimes with my theme of Linking the Livery with the City – so we can each have a better understanding. That is why I hope to take up the role of Aldermanic Sheriff this time next year.

One of the events was the dinner with the Chartered Surveyors on October 22nd when the new Master, John Woodman, took office. He spoke about the need for the Livery to plan for the future and mentioned particularly the work of the Chartered Surveyors who are helping students and young people get into the property industry – both as surveyors but more generally  A possible liaison or opportunity for Plaisterers to take up?   A conversation with the Master Pavior also revealed an event that the Paviors are hosting in November to look at the future of the construction industry. So it is clear that these enjoyable dinners can also be a catalyst to useful networking and planning.


October saw me out of London for three events – one was the Welsh Livery Guild installation in Cardiff and the others were in my role as Alderman. One was attending a seminar in Hamburg, with my Hanseatic links, and hearing the German Ambassador explain Brexit to a room of 99% Germans and me! I also visited Brussels in order to put my last minute requests into the very same Brexit talks (don’t blame me!)


Another enjoyable event at the end of September was the Sheep Drive over London Bridge and the Wool Fair with a Plaisterers’ stall.  I was delighted to see so many Plaisterers attend the event and enjoy driving their sheep over London Bridge. They are proper Freemen of the City now.  Our stall attracted a lot of (important) visitors who saw how plaster enrichments were made and learnt an awful lot about plaster.  We told the story of plasterwork and had a lot of fun.