Anniversary and Opening!

Anniversary and Opening!

The 50th Anniversary of the Laying of the Foundation Stone of the New Plaisterers’ Hall

27th May 1971 – 27th May 2021

The Opening of the Newly Enhanced Entrance Hall

Dear Plaisterers, a very important anniversary occurred during this Month of May and that was the 50th Anniversary of the Laying of the Foundation Stone of the New Plaisterers’ Hall at One London Wall. The 27th May was the actual date and we were to hold a celebratory Banquet on the 28th May. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, the Banquet has been postponed to the 5th October 2021, but be assured we will celebrate the event and acknowledge those Past Masters and Clerks who had the vision firstly to set up the limited company, Plaisterers’ Hall Limited; acquire the land and then build the New Plaisterers’ Hall. A massive project which would have unnerved lesser men.

Whilst those Past Masters and Clerks whose vision this was are no longer with us, we are fortunate that Liverymen involved in the building of the Hall and Liverymen who were members then, are still with us today. So, we will also acknowledge and honour them at our Banquet in October and I am in no doubt they will regale us with their memories of what it was like as very young men, to witness and be part of the resurgence of the New Plaisterers’ Hall. Meanwhile to whet your appetites please go to the website where you will find images and newspaper articles documenting the event.

What we were able to do to mark this important anniversary was to formally open our Newly Enhanced Entrance Hall, in a small ceremony at the Hall, with members watching by zoom. I was joined in our Hall by PM Robert Dalrymple, in his capacity as the Chairman of Plaisterers’ Hall Ltd; PM Terry Wright, in his capacity as a director of Plaisterers’ Hall Ltd and the person who kept a watchful eye over the project; Assistant Jon Riley wearing his contractors’ hat and our Clerk, who had finally removed his hard hat.

There was a short piece of recorded music from VOCES8, followed by Presentations on our benefactor the late John Robinson whose considerable donation made the project possible; the planning and execution of the project itself; the preparation work that went on beforehand in the workshops of Locker & Riley, the contractors producing the moulds for the exquisite plasterwork; followed by a short video showing the very intricate preparatory work; the work in the Entrance Hall itself and finally the unveiling of the end result, that truly magnificent dome.

There was a fantastic response from members who watched the Presentations on Zoom.  Comments included:

‘talented artists and craftsmen have done us all proud’

‘thank Locker and Riley for a wonderful job beautifully executed’

‘John’s wishes faithfully realised’ (John was our benefactor for this project)


Let us drink to the Daubers and Gypsum Absorbers

The Makers of beautiful Plaster