Master’s blog No.8  – March 2019

Master’s blog No.8 – March 2019

ENTRY No.8 – March 2019

Having visited the Royal Marines in Devonport and Lympstone, a small number from the Company had the opportunity to spend an evening with the Reserves (RMR) at their base in Wandsworth. Once again the defining hallmark of an impressive organisation is the dedication of all members of the unit; the standards demanded of the Reserves is the same as at Lympstone with no concessions on what is required to secure the coveted Green Beret. If anything it is a tougher process as many of the reserves are holding down full time jobs and in order to deal with the arduous weekends at Lympstone and the annual two week training assignment are maintaining an extraordinarily high level of personal fitness and mental rigour.

Our evening began with a briefing from Lt. Col. Jason Durup, a regular officer currently in command of the Wandsworth unit. This was followed by a demonstration of small arms and an opportunity to handle the weapons. Our Clerk seized the moment to have me in his sights with perhaps a little too much alacrity….a prize will be awarded for the best caption!

You’ll see from the photographs that the Upper Warden was also busy examining another firearm and deciding whether or not to accelerate her succession to Master, ‘though I think some training may be necessary on weapon handling!