Best Foot Forward!

Best Foot Forward!

Freeman Michael Shirley, a Pilot Officer in 282 (East Ham) Squadron, was fortunate to gain a place for this year’s London Marathon. However, for obvious reasons, the London Marathon has not taken place but the organisers have encouraged everyone to consider running or walking the 26.2 miles on 4th October 2020.  

Michael has come up with a plan to walk a route starting at the Squadron’s base in East Ham, taking in some of the City including Plaisterers Hall along the route and then ending back at 282. He will be joined by members of 282 and others at various stages and has chosen to adopt the Master’s Charity, The Children’s Society, to fundraise for as they have links to Newham, where he lives and works.

In his own words he says:
“The COVID 19 pandemic has seen us all miss out on a whole host of opportunities. For me in particular, I was due to run my first marathon this year. As the event this year cannot go ahead in its normal way, the ‘Virtual Marathon’ has been devised in which participants who have signed up can run or walk the 26.2miles and record this via an app – we’ll have until 23:59:59 to complete it.

I have decided that this would be a fantastic opportunity to fundraise for the Master’s Charity, The Children’s Society. Thankfully on the day I will not be alone and will have members of 282 (East Ham) Squadron, some of whom are Liverymen and Freemen, to keep me company. Of course, social distancing will be maintained throughout and there will only be groups of 6. Different legs of the journey have been created to ensure that only six people are walking at any one time.”

Master Margaret Coates comments:
“I am very pleased that Michael has adopted my Charity, The Children’s Society, as his own, and while this follows on hot on the heels of our Livery Halls Walk I commend his efforts to you. They certainly make my walk pale into insignificance!”

Please sponsor Michael – a fundraising page has been set up should you want to donate directly:

Otherwise, donations can be made directly to the Plaisterers via the Master’s Charity page. Please reference any donation directly to the Plaisterers with ‘CHILDSOC282′

Thank you for your support.