Spring has Sprung and Life is Beginning to Open Up

Spring has Sprung and Life is Beginning to Open Up

Warm Easter Greetings to Fellow Plaisterers and your Families.

Spring has Sprung and Life is Beginning to Open Up

Dear Plaisterers, Spring is in the air; the sun has finally put in an appearance; the clocks have gone forward, although I am still trying to find that lost hour; and on the 29th March we started to unlock! Yes, the ayes had it. At last, the go-ahead to meet up with family and friends once again outside. How good that feels and a little different from other easings of lockdowns, because this time there is a real belief that we are on the road back to life as we remember it.

So, dear Plaisterers hold on to that positive; enjoy your Easter and our new found freedoms. Like Spring, our lives are beginning to open up.

I have dusted down my livery diary. Invitations have started to come in to actual dinners and events. The pen has replaced the pencil for jotting the dates in my diary. I am told Ali will shortly reinstate the spreadsheet containing the Master’s Diary for the year.  A brave new world indeed!

In my next meeting with the Clerk, we will start planning with intent live livery dinners and events for after the 21 June. We will be returning to that theatre of beautiful plasterwork, Plaisterers’ Hall, enhanced by a stunning new Entrance Hall, to dine in fellowship once again under those magnificent chandeliers. We are not there yet, but thank you Plaisterers for all your support, loyalty and acts of kindness during a year like no other in modern times. We will continue to be in need of all these things as we address the economic consequences of Covid-19.

Meanwhile, our virtual events will continue, so please watch out for flyers from the Clerk’s Office. I hope you enjoyed the virtual events in March, the tour of Vintners’ Hall and the Presentation by Sean Wheatley, a traditional plasterer on his restoration work on the ceilings at Sydenham House.

Sean’s Presentation was just what we Plaisterers needed, a craftsman talking with passion and enthusiasm about his work. In a twenty-minute talk, Sean walked us through the 4 months it had taken him and 3 employees to restore the ceilings of the manor house, using tools, materials and methods unchanged for centuries.

As well as being a skilled craftsman, he is clearly a gifted trainer and communicator and in layman’s terms introduced us to his infatuation with lathing, lime plaster made from lime putty, wooden trammels for scribing oval panel mouldings and animal hair obtained from the local tannery for reinforcement.

He admitted to owning 86 small plastering tools, plus 300 plastering trowels. He proudly exhibited a small leaf trowel, which unbeknown to him was identical to the one in a display cabinet in the vestibule in Plaisterers’ Hall.

Assistant, Tony Mitchell, has written an article on this presentation in the latest Newsletter, be sure to read it and if you missed the talk or would like to see it again, a recording is on the website.

I am pleased to say that Sean is applying to become a Freeman of this Worshipful Company. I cannot wait to welcome him into our Company and into our Hall, the home of beautiful plasterwork. A big Thank You to Sean for a truly excellent talk and for ‘absorbing’ us in the art of the Daubers and Gypsum Absorbers, the Makers of beautiful Plaster.

Enjoy Easter, family and friends. Stay Safe. Go well.


Let Brotherly Love Continue.