As restrictions ease and our social networks reconnect, the Plaisterers’ Young Livery Group (YLG) are asking all Plaisterers to revisit their favourite lockdown pastime, going for a walk. Over the weekend of the 28th – 31st May, we are asking that you consider going for a stroll with family and/or friends in support of the Masters charity, The Children’s Society.

The length and location can be any of your choosing, but to commemorate the event we are asking that you send us either a short video or two photos and a description including where you are, who you are with, how far you’ve walked/long it’s taken you to get there and any other fun details you think worth sharing. (How many arguments in the car on the way there…)

No wholesome family day out would be the same without a bit of competition and so we are offering fabulous prizes for:

  1. Best Photograph
  2. Longest Distance
  3. Highest Elevation Change
  4. Best Outfit (No birthday suits please!)

Beyond the spirit of fellowship and fun, this self-organised event is to raise money for The Children’s Society and so we ask that all those who participate make a £10 donation (or more of course) to the Plaisterers charitable account. See below for more information on the great work they have been doing in the Newham community.


  • When: Any day between 28th – 31st May
  • Where: Any location, just as long as it’s outdoors
  • What: A walk of any distance (although +3km is recommended) with family, friends or even solo
  • Then:
    • Send your two pictures/description or video to either of the following: WhatsApp – 07563 071414 or Email – ylgwalk@gmail.com
    • Make your charitable donation via BACS to The Plaisterers Charity, sort code: 60-05-11 Account no: 87314169 with WALK as the reference.

If you can send an RSVP to ali@plaistererslivery.co.uk to confirm your participation that would be greatly appreciated – feel free to keep it short and simple with just “I’m in”.

If you have any questions please contact Megan at megan.manzi@outlook.com.

Very much looking forward to hearing about all your trips and I’m keeping everything crossed for good weather!

With thanks and best wishes,

Megan Manzi
YLG Chairman