The Company has been pleased to support Bees in the City of London by introducing hives into the Jubilee Garden alongside the Hall and so we are delighted to report that the Duchess of Cornwall , the Company’s Royal Liveryman, has celebrated World Bee Day by becoming president of the charity Bees for Development ( which promotes beekeeping as a way to combat poverty.

The Duchess, who is a keen beekeeper and has a series of hives in her garden in Wiltshire, said funds raised from the sale of her honey crop this year would go to the organisation.

In a video message, she described how bees were “vital to the natural world”, but could also be used to help provide a much-needed income for people living in some of the poorest countries.

The Duchess, wishing people a “very Happy World Bee Day”, said: “Today, on World Bee Day, it is a huge pleasure to speak to you as the first president of Bees for Development.

“As we all know, bees are vital to the natural world and an essential part of our fragile ecology.  Keeping bees and harvesting honey is an old-age tradition.

“But this remarkable charity has found a way to use the busy bee to help alleviate poverty and encourage biodiversity.”

She added: “It works to train and educate people in the simple methods needed to keep bees, often at little or no cost.”

“This in turn provides a much-needed income to people living in some of the poorest and most isolated communities in the world. And it means that there are healthy hives of bees working to pollinate crops.”

The Duchess began keeping bees at her private home Raymill in 2010, with a collection of nine hives.

Her honey is now sold each year for charity by Fortnum & Mason.